13sides enters retail market...again...for the third time


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13sides has been very successful with our ventures into the free market of retail. we sold tens of our sheehan shirts and at least one homosexual punching bag (thanks penguin). at our weekly board meeting in the shallow end (irony anyone?) of the good doctors pool we began discussing how to leverage ourselves into retail markets not yet explored. after we convinced the octagon molotov cocktails made with french wine bottles that would only explode on peugots was a bit too ambitious, we decided to go back into merchandising. im not sure if it was the high chlorine content, the fact i had not gone up for air for half an hour, or the penguin re-enacting his favorite scene of march of the penguins on the good doctor, but it finally hit me. just like a bomb going off, 13sides will now make and distribute the "biggity bomb belt". this will be a very nice belt made from only the highest quality felt, yarn, c4, and some minor electronics for detonation. with the money we raised for katrina victims we will be able to manufacture at least 6 belts, so you better order fast. whatever is left over the octagon will be taking to the middle east for what he likes to call a little "u.n. peacekeeping". these belts have sold so well in the middle east but they are expensive when made by muslims as a result of their smaller brains and complete and total inability to see reason. and since 13sides encourages islam-o-whack-jobs to continue their crusade to wipe themselves out as well as we have the means to make the belts cheaper, we think we have the next great product since shoes with velcro.

pictured to your left (my right) is our newest model. to borrow a great line, "i can't pronounce her name, so i just call her thundercat".

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