13sides goes to court


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i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. the penguin and i spent the break starting forest fires.

so 13sides has filed suit against the american atheists. these are the type of people who try to steal christmas from little johnny and sweet little sally. these are the people who want to tear down our nativities and to put our crucifixes in jars of non-beliving urine. 13sides has decided to file suit on behalf of those of us who arent crazy to prevent atheists from their religious displays of nothing. year round when i drive by my local courthouse there is always an athiest display of nothing. whenever i drive by my local town hall, there is not an atheist display of their ten commandments, which really means there are...since they believe in nothing, the simple fact there is nothing there means they are displaying and pushing their views on the rest of the community. this is a clear example of a breach of seperation of church and state....we'll keep you posted.

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