An ACLU lawyer is rubbing one out somewhere....


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First of all, an apology:

I'm sorry. Unlike Tony, I had to do a brief stint at the county with some other members of the democratic base for buying crack cocaine with my FEMA check. I've also been busy downloading pornography to my new video IPod. And if that isn't a segway.....

Horatio was getting all upset about a T-shirt at Abercrombie and Fitch. Pardon me if I give a rat's ass. Appears a Republican Pennsylvania politician got upset about it too. Therefore, I expect Horatio to issue a full retraction very soon.

A morality issue a little more intriguing is happening at the University of California-San Diego. Seems someone has been a naughty boy! Steven York, champion of free speech, has had his programs aired on University run TV where he is having sex with a porn star. Steven doesn't seem to mind that people are offended, claiming "it's part of the college experience." I tend to think Steven would be the first to complain about a confederate flag hanging from a dormroom wall or the meeting of the College Republicans, but I digress...

But I dare you complain! One of his fellow students did. Steven responded by superimposing her face on the pornstar. Nice one Steven, you sure showed her!

University rules states that SRTV can air "indecent" but not "obscene" material. Station manager Tiffany Wrapp backs York.
I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with the University's stance on this one. Take a look at the video on foxnews. Having sex with a "pornstar" with a gunt that big is definitely obscene.

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