Ban the Guns and only the Heroin Addicted Drag-Queens will have Guns


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Swollen anus capital and moonbat central, San Francisco passed Proposition H (I swear it has nothing to do with the ass-cream), banning all handguns. Proposition I also passed, a resolution aimed at opposing the military's efforts to recruit at the public schools.

I can't wait for the big one. To steal a line from Dennis Leary, I'm gonna sit on my couch with a t-bone steak and a 4 foot erection watching the carnage when an earthquake takes out San Francisco and residents will be forced to stop looters with patchouli and ben wa balls. Weren't these idiots watching the news after Katrina? And please, whoever takes the call from the governor who will be asking for the national guard, let it go to voicemail.

"Take your hands off of my methadone or I'll beat you with my jackrabbit."

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