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ill admit it...i listen to air america. i especially love the randi rhodes show. everytime i try to give up heroin i turn on the radio and listen to my muse of liberalism. next thing i know i have tapped a vein and touching myself listening to that wonderful yankee jew voice. though she tries to maintain a very french level of secularity i think we can all agree randi rhodes is a jew. i dont have problems with jews...they are one of the only groups of people i truly love, i mean come on, they've been through enough without me making fun of them, however, part of me wishes randi was born about 1930 or so....

some thing i cant figure out is this fascination she has with the things she perceives that america is doing to intentionally hurt others. well this afternoon i was able to sit down and have an interview with randi:

tony the pony: thanks for meeting me here and thanks for finding my pants.
randi rhodes: you're welcome. let me just say president bush...
ttp: uh yeah, hold on there champ, you got a lighter?...thanks...wanna hit this?...no? okay. my first question is, why do you hate jews?
rr: well if our cia agents had any kind of security and didnt have to worry about...
ttp: do you have anyone who loves you?
rr: of course i do. im loved everywhere, in fact in west palm beach i single handedly swung the 2000 election. speaking of which, if america spent less time torturing...
ttp: seriously though. can you hear your voice? its almost like you are a deaf retard drowning in jell-o while screeching like a pterodactyl.
rr: i know the truth, i know the truth, bush is a liar. i dont need facts, i have the internet.
ttp: jesus randi, my dog's head just exploded. seriously can you lower your voice?
rr: thats just what the republicans want, they try to keep me off armed forces radio...
ttp: there are enough suicide bombers in iraq without you driving our soldiers to it.
rr: they wont listen when i tell them about how cheney paid rove to get bush elected so condi can plot the overthrow of middle eastern governments....

(at this time i had to go to the bathroom and vomit. i think she may have ruptured my ear drum)

rr: ...so in conclusion republicans are all gay.
ttp: not that there's anything wrong with that.
rr: right.
ttp: right. and thanks for coming. maybe you can visit iraq and get shot in the face.

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