maybe france isn't so bad


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seems like the french people have the same problem us god loving, patriotic, bush voting, kerry hating, americans do: muslims freaking out just because you've hooked a couple of them up to car batteries. now i know that france will probably surrender to two guys with a brick sometime this week but for now they are standing strong and using serious language indicating it is possible that at some time in the future discussions will commence to begin the research of what would be necessary in case the violence escalated to the point where thier petulance might be endangered.

as much as i hate to say id have to put my money on the muslims in this case...however, if france is overrun by muslim extremists and it becomes the new training ground for terrorists we (the u.s.) should do what france would do for us...ask the muslims to leave and when they start throwing feces, just shrug our shoulders and walk away.

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