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It's been a while since I've show myself on 13sides. I've been on a top secret mission to help the liberals take over... after reading Any Rand's Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged in quick succession while sniffing butane. I was only able to achieve marginal success in California. But, I think they knew something was up because I forgot I had on my NRA hat (may explain why I was pelted with ass cream in San Fran). It will be first to go. We will miss the Golden State... like one missing the haunting visions of that lonely tiger cage that come in the night... once you get off the meth, of course.

And how about those evil oil companies? Apparently, running a profitable business is now un-American, unless you give large chunks of you profits (don't these go to the share holders) to the government. Are we France yet?

Question: Do all liberals have poo in their ears?

In case the 2nd Amendment felt alone with it's recent attacks, my alma mater has issues with the 1st.

Another entry for my "things to drill list", Cynthia McKinney. But drilled with...

I must go vomit now.

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