The South Beach Shuffle


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For most of the college football nation, this was Rivalry Weekend. Thank God the good Doctor was able to bring me out of cardiac arrest so I could enjoy the rest of the day's highlights. Unfortunately, it's just impossible to watch every game so I get updates over my 3rd-world broadband access (dial-up) thanks to the lack of free-market presence in the liberal-wet-dream that is my host country.

Anyone surfing around likely saw that the University of Miami has two more reasons to be proud of their 'Canes. First, an inexcusable home loss to Georgia Tech. And my favorite, the coming out party for The Seventh Floor Crew, a collection of Miami's finest, gang-banging hood rats and rapping about it. I love how the press and UM fans are worried that this could tear down the pride they've built up over the past 5 years. Yeah, morons, this could ruin the fine reputation that 'Canes like Kellen Winslow, Jr. worked so hard to uphold in your "proud" era.

Anyone remember the orignal "Crew"? The Shuffling Crew. You know, it was about the same time Steve Guttenburg was the funnist man alive. I think the world could use more family-friendly football rap.

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