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you never hear about a suicide bombing going bad. i doubt very seriously allah has taught his boys how to handle explosives so they never go off early. i think we need to explore why there isnt more premature exploding and try to encourage that....lord knows they arent learning it in the bed room. believe me, i was there. also i wonder if they still get all of the virgins if they blow their load too early? is there some type of system, like say they get within sight of the target and accidentally flip the switch do they get say 50 virgins? maybe its the thought that counts. if that is the case maybe we will be blessed with a generation of lazy muslims. mulsims too lazy to go find c4, strap it to themselves and go find a cafe. all i know is if my bomb went off before i was ready, and i got to heaven and only got say 36 virgins, i'd be pissed. id probably walk right up to allah and slap his bearded face and take his women. but then i think about it...72 virgins...these guys cant even keep their women happy on earth...who do you think thought of the idea to have men blow themselves up? ill tell you who, muslim women who leave the bedroom unsatisfied because mustafa won't munch on the prayer rug if you know what i mean.

daddy always told me, ugly girls need loving too.

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