this week in awards: nov. 4th


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shut up. ive had things to do and i was in a coma for three days due to an overdose of baby aspirin and vodka. lets get down to business.

the award for "you may be brown but no one cares" goes to the people protesting the summit of americas. dont bite the hand that feeds you.

the award for "countries that would surrender to themselves if they could" goes to france for doing such a wonderful job of managing their arabs. i bet france will become the new breeding ground for wait, thats michigan.

the award for "we'll still call you scooter" goes to david addington who will replace lewis libby in taking the fall for contrived accusations by hairy reed and his ilk.

the award for "its not a leak if nothing gets out" goes to valerie plame and her husband who's name i cant remember. its a good thing she has tried to continue to conceal her identity.

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