this week in awards: nov.11th


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shall we?

the award for "nobel peace prize" goes to al-qaida for yet another explosive display of peace. we give this in memory of some of the great nobel winners: arafat for killing jews, the un for raping little girls and selling oil instead of feeding the destitue, gorbachev for single handedly bringing an entire nation to its knees, the un peacekeeping forces for allowing american troops to die first, sadat for killing even more jews...i could go on but i have much to do.

the award for "no one really cared about you anyway" goes out to the three bali bombers who made a tape condemning the west. turns out they were so emphatic of destroying the west, they blew themselves up...makes sense to me.

the award for "hi, have we met? we'll bomb you to the stone age" goes to some rag head in the sudan for yelling at a u.s. official. oh well, abu el-bashir-sudiki-mahatma-hotdog will probably blow himself up soon anyway.

the award for "not as good as inspector gadget" goes to paddy fitzgerald. looks like paddy forgot to interview, well...people...

the award for "least likely to defend himself" goes to france. silly frogs...maybe they'll learn killing muslims isn't so bad after all.

the award for "get a job you dirty towel head" goes to all the young muslim men who have nothing better to do with their time than to flip cars instead of burgers.

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