this week in awards: nov.18th


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dear lord...

the award for "quote of the week" goes to chet (no kidding) edwards, d- texas. "Name just one religion in the world that preaches the value of asking the most of those who have the least and asking nothing of those who have the most," said Chet Edwards, D-Texas. "Sadly, that is what this budget does." even i am not creative enough to make that up.

the award for "dont make eye contact, they'll stampede" goes to all the rino's that voted against the $602 billion bill that would freeze government agency budgets and freeze spending. we're going to lose in 2006 even if we hold the majorities.

the award for "do you like the smell of my mosque" goes to more peace loving desert monkeys who blew up a mosque. of course president bush took responsibility, why? because we all know its his fault anyway.

the award for "quit crying, you're going to blow yourself up anyway" goes to all of the muslims who complain about alledged torture in iraq. its amazing the same people who blow themselves up, willingly mind you, will complain about a couple of anal probes and electro-shock therapy to their genitals. sissies...

the award for "who cares? they all die when you shoot them" goes to iraqi insurgents and to those people with nothing better to do than find out where insurgents come from. my question is if the people know how many there are, then why aren't they telling someone where they are?

the award for "world's most lovable dick" goes to the son (of the father, son, and holy ghost) dick cheney. thank you cheney for finally saying what we are all thinking...."f*** off".

the award for "powerful player? who are you?" goes to rep. john murtha, d - pa, who says we need to get out of iraq. does that mean when kennedy, clinton, leahy, reid, and pelosi say stuff like that it is ignored because they are not 'powerful players' but when john murtha speaks....people listen? sounds to me the headline should read 'another democrat chews on foot in public.....again'.

the award for "for the love of all that is good and pure, we are still talking about this?" goes to the wapo and woodward for allowing us to relive the worst crime in u.s. history that was never a crime, but should have been a crime because people think it should be a crime and dick cheney is involved.

the award for "shakes the clown lifetime achievement" goes to fidel castro and his parkinson's. bad things happen to bad people.

the award for "jumping into first place" on the u.s. world tour of democracy goes to iran. all i know is they are muslim and would probably blow themselves up, so i say go for it.

the award for "worst run organization" goes to the u.n. who has taken their ball and gone home because the u.s. wont let them have full access to detainees at gitmo. i for one would like to put them all in the same room, last man standing gets a running start into 'free' cuba.

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