On questions such as these, where we have one group who is telling the truth, and another who is lying through their teeth, I think sometimes debate can actually be harmful. When we allow intellectually dishonest arguments in the same ring as truthful statements of fact, the implication is that the opposing viewpoints are in the same weight class.

As it was with the Social Security fight, the thing to do is not to debate the points. This is exactly what the dishonest people in power want us to do. Why? Because debate bores and confuses the rubes. Instead, we should repeatedly and loudly say what is true. That Bush broke the law. Then we can even explain exactly how the law was broken. But I don't think it's useful for the NY Times to spend the time and energy trying to debunk blatant obfuscations. All it does is elevate the administration's tripe to the level of possible truth, instead of expose it as the lying filth that it is.


updated: if you read the comments noz will not take the bet, richard has not responded at all. i will never understand the logic of liberals. guilty is guilty...and if he broke the law, then this bet should be a lock, unless of course they are scared. what a bunch of crybabies.

i have bet richard at 12sides and his mentor at rubber hose to a friendly bet. these two bastions of truth, honor, and mastery of the legal system "know" bush will be put in jail for his terrible crimes.

here's the bet:

if bush is indicted and convicted for warrantless wiretaps before the end of his term i will spend one week blogging (sincerely) about the terrible crimes bush has perpetrated (at the suggestion of noz and his girlfriend).

if not, then noz and horatio have to write sincere apologies to president bush which i will post here.

sound like fun? if you want in on the bet let me know which side you take.

last friday the house voted on "Expressing the commitment of the House of Representatives to achieving victory in Iraq" . there were 108 reps who voted 'nay'. is yours one of them? luckily mr. barrow voted yes, else he'd be getting a call from the pony.

if yours voted no and you want to know how to get in touch with your rep and how to send child pornography to them in their name, just drop me an email.

hat tip boortz

there is a new pole out. im not sure what the passion about poles presumes. poles are perfectly protected by a plethora of nato participating principalities. perhaps people trying to protect the perfection of poles presupposes the probable probity. however, the prostrating pinkos prefer to proclaim poles are the precise proportion of their own pre-eminent power and the paucity of perspicacious people in the population.

personally, i perceive poles and pinkos to prevail at putting forth pursuits not practiced by the poplulous and therefore become petulant preserving their paltry programs.

it's too easy sometimes.

the award for "one last poke in the ass" goes to tookie williams and his journey with lethal injection. tookie, you won't be missed.

the award for "comments even 13sides won't say" goes to the president of iran, ahmed-allah-al-jazeera-mussab-al-donkey-lover-von-dumber-than-a-bag-of-hammers for his comments about the holocaust being a myth made up by europeans. someone needs to tell him islam was a myth made up by the jews to control those who are too dumb for their own good.

the award for "yeah...but he still lied" goes to every democrat who has in any way implied iraq has been or will be a failure. early polls say 11 million of 15 million people voted. sounds like civil war to me.

the award for "better left in the hands of professionals" goes to hwang woo-suk (no kidding) of south korea for his amazing research on stem cells. why should the u.s. government spend millions of dollars on research we all know the asians will figure out first?

the award for "worst soldier in history" goes to john mccain for forcing through his ban on torture. someone needs to put this guy in a tiger cage. look buddy, we know you went to viet nam and got pinched while taking a hudge, we know the punishment you endured now makes you intolerable, however, odds are that the people we torture will NOT go back to their home countries and drum up sympathy for their incompetence. (known as pulling a "cleland")

the award for "nicest invitation for a terrorist attack" goes to all the senate democrats for threatening a fillibuster on renewing some of the provisions in the patriot act. i dont know what it is with these people that they hate america so much...how do they get elected?

the award for "most pointless investigation" goes to all the people finger-ponting about whose responsibility the levees in new orleans were/are. we all know it was bombed by super secret hurricane proof airplanes to kill all of the black people in new orleans...because clearly they weren't doing it fast enough.

our lord and savior george w. bush has taken a lot of crap over the war, why did we go? we can't we leave? what are our boys and girls dying for? well, i for one have no problem with the war and in fact, now elections are complete with little to no violence, with greater turnout than we have in the u.s., i think george "i got your weapons of mass destruction right here" bush should don a new suit of self-righteous indignation. he would look good in it. he is a man of few words and he is very direct. i can't wait for the next state of the union. hopefully he'll be wearing his new suit, john murtha will have been called back into duty, john mccain will have again been captured (but this time by two escaped koalas and a donkey), harry reid will drown himself in a river of mohitos, nancy pelosi will return my calls for a "meeting", ted kennedy will have an affair with mary jo kopechne's sister who will drive her car off a bridge and allow him to drown in 3 feet of water, randi rhodes will see a speech therapist because no one likes a yankee and no one likes fran dresher, jimmy carter will shut the hell up and go back to building houses, al franken will admit no one listens to his show and all of his skits on saturday night live were the ones where we went to go get another scotch, barbara boxer will start turning tricks in the house of representatives to try and get her dignity back, bill clinton will meet with a young lady who unfortunately has a very powerful and very sensitive gag reflex, sean penn, susan sarandon, tim robbins, and barbara streisand will write a screenplay together titled "irrelevant", and kevin federline will stop referring to himself as "k-fed" and start referring to himself as the "burger king night manager".

i thought for a minute there they were going to give him clemency or at least a stay. maybe we should let everyone off of death row who apologizes...oh yeah, they have to be sincere though.

i have a cold, so im angry.

the award for "dumbest idea ever" goes to the president of iran for suggesting israel should be moved. i have a better idea, hows about we move every mulsim nation to oblivion.

the award for "largest congregation of muslims where someone did not explode" goes to the oic.

the award for "suuuuuuure we believe you" goes to the oic for deciding to fight against terrorism. um, gentlemen...you're about 30 years too late.

the award for "who hates america most" goes again to those lovely democrats who want to oppose the patriot act. have they actually read it? has anyone who claims it is the door way to fascism read it? go read it.

the award for "democrats i have a man-crush on" goes to joe liebermann. he is a quiet voice of reason from both parties. should he run for president again, i would very seriously consider voting for him. he would also do a great job in replacing part of the holy trinity.

the award for "you're still here?" goes to all of the people nominated for grammys. in a close second, kevin federline.

the award for "people who deserved to be shot" goes to john lennon. first of all, if he were still alive he would be sitting in a bed with cindy sheehan protesting bad hair. secondly, the beatles are the most overrated band ever. their music broke no boundaries, their ability to start acting like pop prima donnas did. thank the beatles for the backstreet boys, coldplay, and kevin federline.

i just dont get it.

is it a religion?
is it anti-religion?
if a bunch of atheists get together is it a church or synagogue or temple?
is it petty to believe something whose whole point is to not believe in something else?
were atheists abused as children?
if an atheist protests something can you just not believe they are real and they will go away?
do atheists have 'logical' or 'scientific' answers for everything? how about kevin federline?
if you were an atheist but then you find god are you an a-atheist?
where are all of the theists?
if god were to prove he existed, would atheists then be called ignorant?
should atheism be taught in religion classes? "we dont believe in god". class dismissed.
if an atheist is shot by a sniper on a crowded street, does god hear him scream?
who founded atheism? when god created the first atheist, do you think he was laughing?
can any atheist prove there is no such thing as god?

the religion of peace, tolerance, and c4 has struck again. this time they used women to carry out the bombings. now, this is hot. women willing to strap it on are...well...willing to strap it on. thats a woman you can have fun with. i bet shes the type of lady who would want you spank her with the koran. not only that but she knows when she gets to heaven she gets 72 virgins...i mean come on, maybe there is something to being a islamomuslimifascist. 73 women...i cant even imagine. also i think it shows how being an islamicistomuslimbomber is getting more progressive. typically women arent good for anything in their culture and now they can sit on the right hand of allah...or is it the left?

on a serious note though, i really am glad they have women doing this. one man can impregate many women...one woman can only have so many babies. they are helping our cause. thanks ladies and keep up the good work.

i took dorothy mantooth to a nice seafood dinner last night to discuss torture. she had the crab cakes to start and lobster for her entree. i had gin. in a glass. in between light petting and mouthfuls of food dorothy complained about not understanding what the big deal about torture is, why people dont want america to "be like that", and why we care what europeans think of us. after meeting our waitress in the bathroom to secure the check i explained torture to dorothy.

torture is shooting someone in the face. no, thats just war. torture is shooting someone in the leg, not killing them but listening to them scream in agony. crap, nevermind that's war too. torture is dropping bombs on unsuspecting arabs. son of a...thats not torture thats just good clean fun. why is it okay to shoot, to injure, to blockade with the intention of starving out the enemy, shelling at all hours of the night (which is loud by the way), to intimidate with superior weaponry and training... why are those things not torture? last time i checked war was called "war" because by its very nature it is violent, at times to the point of absurdity. however, some people would have us believe it is okay to do the above but not to play loud music, or drip water on them, or make them believe they are getting ready to die...lord knows that would never happen in the battlefield. if these dirty towel heads are willing to rish their lives on the battlefields, let's see how big of men they are listening to britney spears at full blast.

six awards this week...

the award for "world's most explosive waffle" goes to the belgian lady who became a suicide bomber. evidently her waffle was not very tasty as she only managed to blow herself up. does she get 72 virgins too? are they women? can i watch?

the award for "this will only hurt for a second" goes to kenneth lee boyd of north carolina. kenny was the 1000th person executed in the united states. i for one, am a big supported of the death penalty. surprisingly most democrats are too, you just have to still be attached to your mother though in order for them to kill you...i prefer to wait until they've done something wrong.

the award for "they were going to die of aids anyway" goes to the high court in south africa who recently upheld gay marriage. we applaud you south africa for defining who people are by what they do in the bedroom.

the award for "jewish revenge" goes to the german homeless shelter which burned down killing nine.

the award for "yet another u.n. victory" goes to the aids virus. since the u.n. has now called for an "exceptional response" to prevent the spread of aids worldwide, expect to be infected next week.

the award for "its okay when dan rather does it" goes to the office of strategic influence for printing propaganda and misinformation in iraqi news outlets. can we please make a big deal about lying to a bunch of towel heads? after all, willingly blowing yourself up is not a result of a propaganda campaign right?....right?

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