atheists, i hate you


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i just dont get it.

is it a religion?
is it anti-religion?
if a bunch of atheists get together is it a church or synagogue or temple?
is it petty to believe something whose whole point is to not believe in something else?
were atheists abused as children?
if an atheist protests something can you just not believe they are real and they will go away?
do atheists have 'logical' or 'scientific' answers for everything? how about kevin federline?
if you were an atheist but then you find god are you an a-atheist?
where are all of the theists?
if god were to prove he existed, would atheists then be called ignorant?
should atheism be taught in religion classes? "we dont believe in god". class dismissed.
if an atheist is shot by a sniper on a crowded street, does god hear him scream?
who founded atheism? when god created the first atheist, do you think he was laughing?
can any atheist prove there is no such thing as god?

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