a bet...for bush


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updated: if you read the comments noz will not take the bet, richard has not responded at all. i will never understand the logic of liberals. guilty is guilty...and if he broke the law, then this bet should be a lock, unless of course they are scared. what a bunch of crybabies.

i have bet richard at 12sides and his mentor at rubber hose to a friendly bet. these two bastions of truth, honor, and mastery of the legal system "know" bush will be put in jail for his terrible crimes.

here's the bet:

if bush is indicted and convicted for warrantless wiretaps before the end of his term i will spend one week blogging (sincerely) about the terrible crimes bush has perpetrated (at the suggestion of noz and his girlfriend).

if not, then noz and horatio have to write sincere apologies to president bush which i will post here.

sound like fun? if you want in on the bet let me know which side you take.

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