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i took dorothy mantooth to a nice seafood dinner last night to discuss torture. she had the crab cakes to start and lobster for her entree. i had gin. in a glass. in between light petting and mouthfuls of food dorothy complained about not understanding what the big deal about torture is, why people dont want america to "be like that", and why we care what europeans think of us. after meeting our waitress in the bathroom to secure the check i explained torture to dorothy.

torture is shooting someone in the face. no, thats just war. torture is shooting someone in the leg, not killing them but listening to them scream in agony. crap, nevermind that's war too. torture is dropping bombs on unsuspecting arabs. son of a...thats not torture thats just good clean fun. why is it okay to shoot, to injure, to blockade with the intention of starving out the enemy, shelling at all hours of the night (which is loud by the way), to intimidate with superior weaponry and training... why are those things not torture? last time i checked war was called "war" because by its very nature it is violent, at times to the point of absurdity. however, some people would have us believe it is okay to do the above but not to play loud music, or drip water on them, or make them believe they are getting ready to die...lord knows that would never happen in the battlefield. if these dirty towel heads are willing to rish their lives on the battlefields, let's see how big of men they are listening to britney spears at full blast.

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