the emperor's new clothes


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our lord and savior george w. bush has taken a lot of crap over the war, why did we go? we can't we leave? what are our boys and girls dying for? well, i for one have no problem with the war and in fact, now elections are complete with little to no violence, with greater turnout than we have in the u.s., i think george "i got your weapons of mass destruction right here" bush should don a new suit of self-righteous indignation. he would look good in it. he is a man of few words and he is very direct. i can't wait for the next state of the union. hopefully he'll be wearing his new suit, john murtha will have been called back into duty, john mccain will have again been captured (but this time by two escaped koalas and a donkey), harry reid will drown himself in a river of mohitos, nancy pelosi will return my calls for a "meeting", ted kennedy will have an affair with mary jo kopechne's sister who will drive her car off a bridge and allow him to drown in 3 feet of water, randi rhodes will see a speech therapist because no one likes a yankee and no one likes fran dresher, jimmy carter will shut the hell up and go back to building houses, al franken will admit no one listens to his show and all of his skits on saturday night live were the ones where we went to go get another scotch, barbara boxer will start turning tricks in the house of representatives to try and get her dignity back, bill clinton will meet with a young lady who unfortunately has a very powerful and very sensitive gag reflex, sean penn, susan sarandon, tim robbins, and barbara streisand will write a screenplay together titled "irrelevant", and kevin federline will stop referring to himself as "k-fed" and start referring to himself as the "burger king night manager".

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