exploding women...now thats hot


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the religion of peace, tolerance, and c4 has struck again. this time they used women to carry out the bombings. now, this is hot. women willing to strap it on are...well...willing to strap it on. thats a woman you can have fun with. i bet shes the type of lady who would want you spank her with the koran. not only that but she knows when she gets to heaven she gets 72 virgins...i mean come on, maybe there is something to being a islamomuslimifascist. 73 women...i cant even imagine. also i think it shows how being an islamicistomuslimbomber is getting more progressive. typically women arent good for anything in their culture and now they can sit on the right hand of allah...or is it the left?

on a serious note though, i really am glad they have women doing this. one man can impregate many women...one woman can only have so many babies. they are helping our cause. thanks ladies and keep up the good work.

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