this week in awards: dec 2nd


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six awards this week...

the award for "world's most explosive waffle" goes to the belgian lady who became a suicide bomber. evidently her waffle was not very tasty as she only managed to blow herself up. does she get 72 virgins too? are they women? can i watch?

the award for "this will only hurt for a second" goes to kenneth lee boyd of north carolina. kenny was the 1000th person executed in the united states. i for one, am a big supported of the death penalty. surprisingly most democrats are too, you just have to still be attached to your mother though in order for them to kill you...i prefer to wait until they've done something wrong.

the award for "they were going to die of aids anyway" goes to the high court in south africa who recently upheld gay marriage. we applaud you south africa for defining who people are by what they do in the bedroom.

the award for "jewish revenge" goes to the german homeless shelter which burned down killing nine.

the award for "yet another u.n. victory" goes to the aids virus. since the u.n. has now called for an "exceptional response" to prevent the spread of aids worldwide, expect to be infected next week.

the award for "its okay when dan rather does it" goes to the office of strategic influence for printing propaganda and misinformation in iraqi news outlets. can we please make a big deal about lying to a bunch of towel heads? after all, willingly blowing yourself up is not a result of a propaganda campaign right?....right?

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