this week in awards: dec. 9th


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i have a cold, so im angry.

the award for "dumbest idea ever" goes to the president of iran for suggesting israel should be moved. i have a better idea, hows about we move every mulsim nation to oblivion.

the award for "largest congregation of muslims where someone did not explode" goes to the oic.

the award for "suuuuuuure we believe you" goes to the oic for deciding to fight against terrorism. um,'re about 30 years too late.

the award for "who hates america most" goes again to those lovely democrats who want to oppose the patriot act. have they actually read it? has anyone who claims it is the door way to fascism read it? go read it.

the award for "democrats i have a man-crush on" goes to joe liebermann. he is a quiet voice of reason from both parties. should he run for president again, i would very seriously consider voting for him. he would also do a great job in replacing part of the holy trinity.

the award for "you're still here?" goes to all of the people nominated for grammys. in a close second, kevin federline.

the award for "people who deserved to be shot" goes to john lennon. first of all, if he were still alive he would be sitting in a bed with cindy sheehan protesting bad hair. secondly, the beatles are the most overrated band ever. their music broke no boundaries, their ability to start acting like pop prima donnas did. thank the beatles for the backstreet boys, coldplay, and kevin federline.

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