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On questions such as these, where we have one group who is telling the truth, and another who is lying through their teeth, I think sometimes debate can actually be harmful. When we allow intellectually dishonest arguments in the same ring as truthful statements of fact, the implication is that the opposing viewpoints are in the same weight class.

As it was with the Social Security fight, the thing to do is not to debate the points. This is exactly what the dishonest people in power want us to do. Why? Because debate bores and confuses the rubes. Instead, we should repeatedly and loudly say what is true. That Bush broke the law. Then we can even explain exactly how the law was broken. But I don't think it's useful for the NY Times to spend the time and energy trying to debunk blatant obfuscations. All it does is elevate the administration's tripe to the level of possible truth, instead of expose it as the lying filth that it is.


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