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coretta ricotta king-pin died sometime today, or yesterday, whatever. anywho, i have it on good information that some of the major feminists groups will be participating in a "million dyke march" to celebrate the death of corrective scotch king. seems the feminists organization beleive not only in insisting women's golf is sexy but that a woman who was cheated on with a complete and total disregard for her marriage vows, yet maintaining the marriage because there is nothing better than selling your soul and your body to make sure everyone knows your name...even if the only reason is because your husband is non-"violent" not non-"put it in the butt".

anyway, i will be at the march, looking to hook up and test the theory all women are gay until they get the "pony 3 seconds of hell".

back in business bitches.

took some time off to clear my head and my urine of any ill drugs. im back and im pissed.

took a little vacation. spent some time in rehab (didn't work), beat a homeless man, hung out at the dnc's aa meeting trying to pick up chicks, almost bombed an abortion clinic but then i decided those girls are the same girls at the dnc but are guaranteed to be sluts so i got some digits and spent christmas celebrating the non-birth of non-babies to non-responsible women. it was awesome.

i have some new year's resolutions and predictions

resolutions for 2006:

i resolve to take my medication (especially the salve for that rash).
i resolve to continue to spread v.d. amongst the ranks of liberals.
i resolve to accept foreigners...as workers on my estate.
i resolve not to automatically jump to the conclusion that the dingo ate my baby.
i resolve not to point and laugh at handicapped people...i will just laugh.
i resolve not to cry at movies.
i resolve to bring back the fade away jumper.

predictions for 2006:

i predict it will rain.
i predict bill clinton will sleep with someone not his wife and not necessarily a woman.
i predict the children are our future.
i predict the democratic party will split into two groups, the whiners and the criers.
i predict the republicans will maintain control of the house and rename it the 'hizzle'.
i predict the democrats will gain control of the senate and will rename it 'my ball' at which point they will take it and go home.
i predict 'kids in the hall' will do a reunion tour.

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