our next installment in art history comes from ms. jenkins third grade class in slamtown, illinois. as we can see here, mohammed is holding a picture of himself. what this represents is mohammed is a hypocrite. he tells all his crazy gun toting, towel headed, koran humping, pig kissing, car bombing, aiyiyiyiyiyi (shoot gun in the air), no job having, woman hating, brokeback mountain watching, flag burning, embassy terrorizing, olympic kidnapping, plane hi-jacking, burkha banging, hairy eyebrowed, illiterate, ill-dressed, nba watching, hillary clinton loving, democrat party donating, sandy underpants wearing, half retarded, half quadriplegic, club footed, lazy eyed, dungeons and dragons playing, self-flagellating, pee smelling, trick knee having, herpe infested, pedophilic, necrophilic, sheep fisting, donkey punching, yugo driving, kevin federline album owning, third nipple having, second base stealing, butt pirates they can't draw pictures of him, but he can. mohammed, sir, hypocrisy is a suit that only fits the democratic party, please pick something else...for instance, what do you call genocide if you do it to yourself? you keep it up and ill think of a word for you.

i've always been such an art history buff and now with the resurgence of contemporary cartoons, we here at 13sides would like to take some time to review some of the more relevant cartoons.

now i am not a language expert but i am going to interpret the caption as "i am mohammed, i loved brokeback mountain, i love little boys, i am the devil". i think the artist was trying to say that mohammed is nothing but as mere sketch of a deity. with the rough lines and almost frantic speed the cartoon seems to have been drawn with, this says mohammed would be a pitcher and not a catcher. mohammed in this cartoon is holding two dolls which seem to represent car bombings and impotence. so, in summation this cartoon depicts mohammed as an impotent, child molesting, donkey. interesting.

its been awhile i know. im doing the best i can so get off my back. its hard to find a different computer everyday so the c.i.a. cant catch up with me. anyway, lets do this.

the award for person who is famous for doing nothing is coretta scott king. after riding her husbands coattails for so long, james early ray remarked, "i got the wrong one".

the award for allah never loved you goes to the people returning from hajj who got on the egyptian cruise liner.

the award for greatest irony goes to all of the towel heads upset about cartoons but seemingly non-plussed by their fellow followers of peace cutting heads off people and blowing up innocents. muslims are gay.

the award for best name of a public official goes to john boehner the republican senator from the great state of ohio. no further comment necessary.

the award for best headline goes to the same article as above. 'a boehner in the hen house'.

the award for organization countries are least scared of goes to the u.n. who is thinking about possibly passing a resolution to appoint a committee to look into what might be a situation in iran.

the award for hate crimes are dumb goes to the city of new bedford massachuss...whatever. why does beating up a fag mean more than beating anyone else up? what about fights in bars all over the country for things as trivial as taking someone's seat to disagreements on 17th century russia laying the groundwork for modern socialism? i dont understand why one crime is worse than another. hate crimes are gay.

Cynthia move to the back of the bus....

Hat tip to Expose the Left.

hat tip :: canada.com
what more can anyone say? she shows up in a shirt saying "2245 Dead. How many more?". cindy, if i may...to answer your question...just because its the oldest profession in the world doesnt mean people will respect you. in fact no one respected you before, including your dead son. i was having dinner with casey and this new girl he was seeing (her name is mary-jo, she had eyes as blue as water, i was drowning in them, i even felt drunk) and casey told me if he were alive, which he's not because he died after re-enlisting to go back to iraq after re-enlisting to go back, to fight, again because he re-enlisted so he could be in iraq again where he was before he re-enlisted...anyway he told me he thinks the last time his mother spent this much time on her back she was trying to solicit a date for the high-school prom.

in preparation for a possible military invasion of iran, senator ted "swim team" kennedy has already started denying iran ever had weapons of mass distruction or the capability to manufacture wmd's. "iran and samuel alioto never had wmd's, they never slept with another man, or saw brokeback mountain naked. this is just another example of jorge bush trying to scare the american people by telling lies and drowning women", said the honorable senator from the great state of massuch...whatever. however, ted "islands in the stream" kennedy was not the only one to prepare for denying reality. 13sides favorite senator hillary "you cheated? who cares i munch carpet...shag carpet...from the early 60's" rodham-clinton too has stepped up to the left's mike and sounded off by saying, "sure, bill cheated on me with a fat girl, sure, he blew his wad, destroying anyone's ability to wear a blue dress seriously, but why would he want me? im a man. with large hairy balls". we arent sure what that has to do with iran, we just thought it was funny hillary "thats not a python in my pocket" rodham-clinton said "balls". we look forward to the left to start beating their war drums and then to once again pee themselves when they have to show some spine...and no hillary not that thing you keep in your pocket.

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