art history: two


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our next installment in art history comes from ms. jenkins third grade class in slamtown, illinois. as we can see here, mohammed is holding a picture of himself. what this represents is mohammed is a hypocrite. he tells all his crazy gun toting, towel headed, koran humping, pig kissing, car bombing, aiyiyiyiyiyi (shoot gun in the air), no job having, woman hating, brokeback mountain watching, flag burning, embassy terrorizing, olympic kidnapping, plane hi-jacking, burkha banging, hairy eyebrowed, illiterate, ill-dressed, nba watching, hillary clinton loving, democrat party donating, sandy underpants wearing, half retarded, half quadriplegic, club footed, lazy eyed, dungeons and dragons playing, self-flagellating, pee smelling, trick knee having, herpe infested, pedophilic, necrophilic, sheep fisting, donkey punching, yugo driving, kevin federline album owning, third nipple having, second base stealing, butt pirates they can't draw pictures of him, but he can. mohammed, sir, hypocrisy is a suit that only fits the democratic party, please pick something else...for instance, what do you call genocide if you do it to yourself? you keep it up and ill think of a word for you.

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