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what more can anyone say? she shows up in a shirt saying "2245 Dead. How many more?". cindy, if i answer your question...just because its the oldest profession in the world doesnt mean people will respect you. in fact no one respected you before, including your dead son. i was having dinner with casey and this new girl he was seeing (her name is mary-jo, she had eyes as blue as water, i was drowning in them, i even felt drunk) and casey told me if he were alive, which he's not because he died after re-enlisting to go back to iraq after re-enlisting to go back, to fight, again because he re-enlisted so he could be in iraq again where he was before he re-enlisted...anyway he told me he thinks the last time his mother spent this much time on her back she was trying to solicit a date for the high-school prom.

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