getting ready for iran


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in preparation for a possible military invasion of iran, senator ted "swim team" kennedy has already started denying iran ever had weapons of mass distruction or the capability to manufacture wmd's. "iran and samuel alioto never had wmd's, they never slept with another man, or saw brokeback mountain naked. this is just another example of jorge bush trying to scare the american people by telling lies and drowning women", said the honorable senator from the great state of massuch...whatever. however, ted "islands in the stream" kennedy was not the only one to prepare for denying reality. 13sides favorite senator hillary "you cheated? who cares i munch carpet...shag carpet...from the early 60's" rodham-clinton too has stepped up to the left's mike and sounded off by saying, "sure, bill cheated on me with a fat girl, sure, he blew his wad, destroying anyone's ability to wear a blue dress seriously, but why would he want me? im a man. with large hairy balls". we arent sure what that has to do with iran, we just thought it was funny hillary "thats not a python in my pocket" rodham-clinton said "balls". we look forward to the left to start beating their war drums and then to once again pee themselves when they have to show some spine...and no hillary not that thing you keep in your pocket.

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