this week in awards: feb. 3rd


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its been awhile i know. im doing the best i can so get off my back. its hard to find a different computer everyday so the c.i.a. cant catch up with me. anyway, lets do this.

the award for person who is famous for doing nothing is coretta scott king. after riding her husbands coattails for so long, james early ray remarked, "i got the wrong one".

the award for allah never loved you goes to the people returning from hajj who got on the egyptian cruise liner.

the award for greatest irony goes to all of the towel heads upset about cartoons but seemingly non-plussed by their fellow followers of peace cutting heads off people and blowing up innocents. muslims are gay.

the award for best name of a public official goes to john boehner the republican senator from the great state of ohio. no further comment necessary.

the award for best headline goes to the same article as above. 'a boehner in the hen house'.

the award for organization countries are least scared of goes to the u.n. who is thinking about possibly passing a resolution to appoint a committee to look into what might be a situation in iran.

the award for hate crimes are dumb goes to the city of new bedford massachuss...whatever. why does beating up a fag mean more than beating anyone else up? what about fights in bars all over the country for things as trivial as taking someone's seat to disagreements on 17th century russia laying the groundwork for modern socialism? i dont understand why one crime is worse than another. hate crimes are gay.

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