had i known it was going to be this kind of party....


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so duke's lacrosse team is in trouble for allegedly raping a stripper. check it out. okay, lets review some interesting points about this...

1. duke sucks.
2. lacrosse is a sport for a bunch of rich white kids who don't have horses to play polo.
3. the stripper was black.
4. 46 dna samples were taken.
5. duke sucks.

so here we have a bunch of rich white kids raping a black woman. according to the report not all 46 men who had dna taken are considered suspects. but let's just say all 46 men were involved in the attack. shoot lets just say half of them were involved. now, did they have to pay individually? is it extra if you go first? can you get a discount if you were the last one? since she is clearly pressing charges, do the people who paid her get their money back or is it forfeited? these are the questions the media should be answering.

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