let's put the fun back in xenophobia


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foreign people terrify me. with their strange words and their strange looks and their strange colored skin and the way the always seem to smell like raw sewage that was left in a diaper in the desert. sure, america used to be a melting pot, we let anyone in, we became known as a place of refuge, a place to make a new start, a place that holds something better, however, we should leave the past in the past. today things are different and i'm not talking about terrorism. what im talking about is these people no longer make what is great about america great. when we let everyone in, that was what made america great. now what makes the u.s. great is guns, the marines, clubbing seals, manifest destiny, imperialism. there is no place for "people who talk funny" or "people who dress weird" or "people who smell so bad god flinches". i would like to ask the interlopers some questions: do you ever feel like an outsider? like maybe you are different and no matter what you can't assimilate? you ever feel unwanted, treated like a third class citizen, degraded? well, you are.

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