Damn it Feels Good to be a Cracker


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GWB is a crafty devil. He's always a good 3-4 moves ahead of us all. I looked at amnesty all wrong. It's starting to make sense now - the frustration's been there for years. Dad goes to Iraq to defend an ally: War for oil, Dad gets ousted by Clinton. Clinton allows terrorists to grow and attack us: Why didn't GWB defend us? We defend ourselves: You hate mulsims... and, war for oil. Farenheit 9/11: All your buddies are muslims. Try to save Social Securtiy: You hate old people and minorities. People can't dodge a hurrican moving north at 15 miles an hour with 3 days notice: You hate minorities. Border security: You hate minorities. Guest-worker program: You hate Americans. GWB knows when to fold a losing hand.

Knowing damn well that thanks to the cult of political correctness ignorant minorities have more power than elected white presidents, George is turning the tables. Boys, get ready, we're gonna be minorities. And when I'm in that club you can bet I'll get full use of all the amenities. Day one, I'm calling someone a racist with no basis of argument. Day two, the million cracker march. Day three, religious oppression: JC will started getting the respect Allah does. Down the line my kids could get scholarships, bank loans, jobs - all based on our great quota systems. Our lifestyle will be impregnable to criticism, even from my own race. I'll even make wild accusations about sports stars.

Aaahhh, won't it be great to be free again?

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