Sunday at Augusta


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Pimento Cheese Sandwich Count: 3
Money I spent in the merchandise shop: $138

I was lucky enough Sunday to go to the Masters. For my money, it is the best sporting event in the world. I've gone to the Masters 4 times now, and it's always a wonderful time. I enjoy going with people that have never been. To see the looks on people faces when they see Augusta National is really priceless.

No other sporting event really compares. Where else do people watch in awe as an army of mowers cut a fairway in about 3 minutes, then clap when its done? What other sporting event can you get 2 sandwiches and a beer for $5? You really feel the ghosts in that place as you walk around. You get chills when you hear the tremendous gallery roars when someone makes a great shot, and you wonder what the hell just happened when you hear the massive groans. And if you are lucky, you get a Sunday leaderboard like we did. If you EVER get offered a ticket to Augusta, don't turn it down.

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