My African Friend, Part 2


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My Nigerian scammer friend, OnyiDollars, returned today. This time, however, the subject of money never even came up.

12:01] onyidollars: how are u
[12:05] Dr. Ken: fine
[12:05] Dr. Ken: and you
[12:06] onyidollars: cool
[12:06] onyidollars: what do u do
[12:06] Dr. Ken: I'm an internet gambler
[12:07] onyidollars: that is good
[12:07] Dr. Ken: and an amateur gardener
[12:07] onyidollars: sorry fr self
[12:08] Dr. Ken: ?
[12:08] onyidollars: i am sorry for y
[12:08] Dr. Ken: why?
[12:08] Dr. Ken: i grow fresh vegetables for my family
[12:09] onyidollars: u dont want to help your self
[12:09] Dr. Ken: help myself?
[12:09] Dr. Ken: i make a lot of money playing poker
[12:10] Dr. Ken: what do you do?
[12:10] Dr. Ken: and my wife likes sitting in the cucumber patch for some damn reason
[12:10] Dr. Ken: I pulled her out kicking and screaming the other day
[12:10] Dr. Ken: hello?
[12:11] Dr. Ken: are you there?
[12:13] onyidollars: yeah
[12:13] onyidollars: go on
[12:14] Dr. Ken: what do you do?
[12:19] Dr. Ken: dude, are you gonna waste my time today?
[12:24] onyidollars: no
[12:24] onyidollars: so how is your wife look like
[12:24] Dr. Ken: she is gorgeous
[12:24] Dr. Ken: 5 foot 9, blue eyes, blonde hair, long legs
[12:26] Dr. Ken: if i could just keep her from doing squat thrusts in the cucumber patch, I'd have it all figured out
[12:26] onyidollars: wow
[12:39] Dr. Ken: yeah, she is hot
[12:44] onyidollars: IN BED
[12:45] Dr. Ken: A WILDCAT
[12:45] onyidollars: wow
[12:45] onyidollars: i love that
[12:46] Dr. Ken: she tosses my salad with thousand island dressing
[12:47] onyidollars: god
[12:48] Dr. Ken: you married?
[12:49] onyidollars: no
[12:51] Dr. Ken: gay? cause it's ok if you are
[12:53] Dr. Ken: i once touched a guys balls at hebrew camp
[12:54] onyidollars: u are very stupid
[12:55] Dr. Ken: i'm not ashamed
[12:56] onyidollars: ok
[12:57] Dr. Ken: so you aren't gay
[12:58] Dr. Ken: ?
[12:58] Dr. Ken: i bet you have a key west mud tickler, don't you?
[13:00] onyidollars: fuke you
[13:01] Dr. Ken: fuke me?
[13:01] Dr. Ken: fuke you!

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