Random Things That Anger Me


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Seemingly random things anger me. Maybe they don't anger others, but they do me. It's not always airline peanuts, traffic, or politics. Sometimes it's the litte things. For instance, how people say websites can piss me off in two ways.

1) "Dubya, dubya, dubya... Microsoft dot com". You may want to read this twice to know what I'm talking about. They saw the www but eliminate the "dot", then say "dot com" at the end. "Dubya, dubya, dubya...(pause)...Yahoo! dot com." It takes a special kind of lunatic to do this.

2) "H-T-T-P...colon...slash...slash." They actually say it and I die a littel each time I hear it. I'd bet most people who spell out http:// have never been to an ftp or https site in their lives.

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