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Onyi IM'd me today. He wasn't very talkative at all though. BTW, that 770 number that I gave him is the rejection hotline.

[13:15] onyidollars: how du do
[13:16] Dr. Ken: just fine
[13:16] Dr. Ken: you?
[13:16] onyidollars: cool
[13:16] onyidollars: what do u do
[13:16] Dr. Ken: I'm a fluffer
[13:18] onyidollars: ok
[13:18] onyidollars: that,s good
[13:18] Dr. Ken: it is good
[13:21] onyidollars: ur phone no
[13:25] Dr. Ken: 7709087383
[13:27] onyidollars: ok
[13:27] onyidollars: your country
[13:30] Dr. Ken: I live in the Valley, near LA Califonia,
[13:30] Dr. Ken: That's where they film all the movies i work for
[13:30] Dr. Ken: maybe you've heard of some of them
[13:32] Dr. Ken: Romancing the Bone
[13:32] Dr. Ken: Men in Back
[13:32] Dr. Ken: Baredevil
[13:33] Dr. Ken: you seen any of those?
[13:33] Dr. Ken: where do you live?
[13:34] Dr. Ken: i'll be right back, cocks don't get hard on their own!
Session Close (onyidollars): Thu Jul 06 13:34:36 2006

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