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Bush addressed the NAACP recently to reach out to the black vote and tout the renewal of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. I've tried reading the act but it's not really a page-turner. What I can't understand is if we really need it or not or if it's just one of those symbolic things that don't really do anything, sort of like an Al Sharpton law.

The act aside, I found sweet irony in some of the statements made. The President said “you must understand, and I understand, that racism still lingers in America.” Yes, Mr. President, it does. Just look at the room full of people in front of you hoping for a promise of laws that benefit only blacks.

Discussing the visit, Al “race-baiter” Sharpton and Bill O’Reilly got in a tussle about public education and school vouchers when Sharpton offered these gems:

“The job of American presidents is to give quality education to everybody.”
“You cannot finance a voucher system that’s for everybody system. The voucher for everybody is called public education.”

Uh, I’m still checking the Constitution on the first one but so far no, that’s not the job of American presidents. It’s the job of American principals, teachers, and the NEA. How’ve they been doing by the way? Al then confused a voucher-for-all system with public education. That’s like saying you’d need a 96% welfare rate to keep unemployment at 4%. The missing ingredient here is what we conservatives refer to as “competition”.

Bush said, “I understand that many African-Americans distrust my political party.” Then continued, “I can make it simple. We republicans spoke out, fought, and died for the right for blacks to be free. If democrats won, you’d all be slaves. See how easy that was? So if you people would stop voting like a herd of sheep that’d be great.” After which, Bush was lynched for saying “you people”.

After all of this I still have one question: is it politically correct to say "colored people"? Still wondering why it's not the NAA-BP, or the NAA-AAP.

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