Onyi talks World Cup


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This is from a couple of weeks ago. My nigerian scammer buddy IM'd me on the 20th. Sorry it took so long to post, as i forgot it even happened.

[14:00] onyidollars: hi
[14:00] Dr. Ken: hi
[14:00] onyidollars: was up
[14:01] Dr. Ken: eatin some lunch
[14:01] Dr. Ken: getting ready to watch the World cup
[14:02] onyidollars: wow
[14:02] onyidollars: was the score german
[14:03] Dr. Ken: 3-0
[14:03] onyidollars: to who
[14:03] Dr. Ken: Germany beat Ecuador
[14:03] onyidollars: poland and costa
[14:03] Dr. Ken: 2-1 for Poland
[14:03] onyidollars: who won
[14:03] Dr. Ken: Poland
[14:04] Dr. Ken: but neither advance
[14:04] onyidollars: who quliafy
[14:04] Dr. Ken: Germany and Ecuador
[14:06] onyidollars: ok
[14:06] onyidollars: where are u
[14:06] Dr. Ken: USA
[14:06] onyidollars: can i ahve your no
[14:07] Dr. Ken: what do you need it for?
[14:07] onyidollars: as friends
[14:07] Dr. Ken: where are you calling from
[14:07] Dr. Ken: it would be expensive
[14:08] onyidollars: i work in a bank
[14:08] onyidollars: so is not
[14:08] Dr. Ken: i have many banker friends
[14:08] Dr. Ken: what bank do you work at
[14:08] onyidollars: diamond bank nigeria
[14:09] Dr. Ken: I have friends at Suntrust and Bank of America
[14:09] onyidollars: ok
[14:14] Dr. Ken: have you ever seen an exploding dye pack?
[14:14] Dr. Ken: do you have those in Nigeria?
[14:15] Dr. Ken: the little bombs that explode when someone robs a bank
[14:15] onyidollars: yes
[14:16] onyidollars: did u need it
[14:16] Dr. Ken: if you have any laying around
[14:16] onyidollars: yes
Session Close (onyidollars): Tue Jun 20 14:38:49 2006

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