Random Things That Anger Me - Part II


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Two more things popped into my head today. Here they are, in no particular order:

1) Cloth toilet seat covers. Recently, my wife installed these works of Lucifer in every bathroom in the house. Now, when I have to pee, I'm forced to do the one-hand-on-member, one-hand-on-toilet-seat balancing act. When friends are over and need to return some beers back to the wild, a wave of shame emanates from my soul as they walk to the nearest de-masculated latrine. When they return, it takes 10 minutes to make eye contact or speak again. We both know what just happened. Only time can heal the wounds.

2) Mid-way through Godless, someone please tell me why Ann Coulter is politically sidelined as merely a pundit. Not to impune her impact, but there has to be some red state that needs a new Congresswoman or a national campaign needing a leader, or candidate. Granted, she's likely unelectably on the grounds of her addictions to facts, historical perspective, and reason. That and her ubiquitous crusade against abortion. Coulter's writing has a way of hitting the reset button on my common sense - restoring it to its factory-default setting of Clear & Rational - and undoing decades of unnecessary complication caused by spin, public ignorance, and distortion of truth. More interesting is the fact while Godless disproves every major liberal position and/or assertion of consequential truth that I've been exposed to still nothing is refuted by the left. Well, I digress. To liberals, I must admit that I, too, feel Ann Coulter plaigarized one sentence regarding the Furbish lousewort. Disgusted by this, I can only dismiss what I've read and go no further.

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