Something tells me Onyi doesn't like me anymore....


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[11:15] Dr.Ken: onyi
[11:15] Dr.Ken: what's up
[11:15] Dr.Ken: you left yesterday
[11:23] onyidollars: noi
[11:23] Dr.Ken: i got up and when i came back you were gone
[11:40] Dr.Ken: you there?
[11:40] onyidollars: yes
[11:40] onyidollars: where are u
[11:40] Dr.Ken: USA
[11:41] onyidollars: ok
[11:41] onyidollars: i love to know you
[11:41] Dr.Ken: thanks, i feel the same way
[11:43] Dr.Ken: where are you?
[11:46] onyidollars: enugu
[11:46] onyidollars: nigeria
[11:46] Dr.Ken: and what do you do there
[11:50] onyidollars: a banker
[11:52] Dr.Ken: cool
[11:52] onyidollars: u
[11:53] Dr.Ken: I'm a gender-reassignment surgeon
[11:54] Dr.Ken: makes me a lot of money
[11:54] onyidollars: u dont know what u are
[11:55] Dr.Ken: sure i do
[11:55] onyidollars: fuke you
[11:55] Dr.Ken: I'm pretty sure what i am, i cut my own penis off with a pair of rusty garden shears
[11:56] onyidollars: idiot
[11:56] Dr.Ken: i know, it hurt like a m*ther f*cker
[11:56] Dr.Ken: i was an idiot for doing it
[11:57] Dr.Ken: but now i can pee sitting down
[11:57] onyidollars: ok
[11:58] Dr.Ken: so how about sending me some of those exploding dye packs
[11:58] Dr.Ken: does your bank give out lolly pops?
[12:04] *** "onyidollars" signed off at Fri Jul 07 12:04:24 2006.

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