Cynthia and Onyi, My Masterpiece.....


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Recognize this handsome devil??

This is Onyidollars. Or Tyrone from some black college fraternity formal. The point is this is who Onyi says he is because he emailed me this photograph. I thought all Nigerians wore loin cloths and speared tigers, but i guess the joke is on me.

This might be my greatest scam on this guy yet. After my gender reassignment surgeon IM, I decided this guy probably wouldn't talk to me ever again. I needed to create a new yahoo account with a fake alias and start all over. Enter Cynthia_Mckinney_8891.

Onyi immediately fell in love with Cynthia. She was the sucker of all suckers. Over a period of a month (I will spare you all of the boring and unfunny transcripts) Onyi had gained Cynthia's trust so much that Cynthia was gonna wire Onyi over $3500 dollars. Of course, I never went to Western Union. And Onyi wasn't happy. Not only did he not get the money, but his passport was confiscated (or so he says).

The three transcripts that follow are 1) the email i sent Onyi with the Western Union details, 2) IM transcripts from after he returned from Western Union without the money, and 3) his marriage proposal.

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