Fark Iran!


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Is it just me, or is this guy the Iranian version of Balki from Perfect Strangers? After declaring victory following a U.N. cease-fire, this limp-wristed jihadist has a new attack planned for the West.

Nukes? Nope. Chemical or biological weapons? Nope. Vidal Sasson and Kodak disposables? Nope. You'll never guess...


Try to stay with me here. Iran's year-old response to the cartoon depictions of Allah (God bless that Dane) is to have a cartoon-off. In a display that's somehow gayer than fight scenes from West Side Story, Iran Cartoon (who knew?) and some Iranian newspaper are having a contest to find the best "the holocaust was a lie" cartoons. This is supposed to "test the limits" of western acceptance of free speech. (Don't these guys get Comedy Central yet?)

Apparently this contest was announced six months ago and slipped through my radar, but I digress. So these quick-witted Iranians take 4 months to think of the idea. Then, they give participants 7 month's notice, their state-run cartoon company co-sponsors the event, and apparently get participants from over 60 countries to contribute. To top it off, first, second, and third prize are all equal to or great than the average Iranian's annual income. After all this how many cartoons do they get? A million? Half a million? A hundred thousand? Nope - just 1,200.

If there's an Allah out there, Fark will have a week-long all-out Allah Photoshop contest! Allah with Mustard! Allah saying "It's a trap". Allah in every Star Wars film ever made. Drew, if you're listening, please help us out here and Fark Iran!

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