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yesterday i had mexican food for lunch. i started with a big hezbollah of salsa. it was very spicy so i took a break and watched a little tel aviv. but then the main course came and thought even though i have a spare tyre i though "hamas gonna let this food go to waste?". so i ate everything and became a member of the clean plate club.

when i got back to work i felt a little grumbling, a little tumbling in my tummy. so iran to the loo and took a huge haifa. it was so awful i got a little nasrallah. the dude in the stall next to me even said "olmert god, im gonna beirut all over the place" and quickly left. once i completed my katuysha i went back to my desk and continued to work. but for the rest of the day every once and a while, like the sound of distant artillerary, i smiled at the thought of all the camel jockeys and towel heads trying to escape israeli air strikes. viva la israel!

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