so this morning scrot was singing his abc's and in the middle he paused thoughtfully and farted. i feel sure this was very cute, only because colloid was so thrilled to tell the story. silly scrot.

the pony has started a new job where i can drink regularly and punch babies in the face frequently. my new job has afforded me the opportunity to sit in a "demoralizer 5000", also known as a cube to the kids who arent in the cool club. anywho, the woman who sits behind me....we'll call her "colloid"....loves to talk on the phone and quite loudly at that. her favorite subject? her son of course. we will call him "scrot".

here are the things i have learned so far.

- colloid is trying to find some place to vacation using her timeshare as a bargaining tool.
- scrot got measured yesterday.
- scrot didnt want to eat dinner last night. but he wouldnt let colloid take his plate away. evidently that was cute and frustrating at the same time.

more on the way im sure...she takes a phone call about every hour.

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