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I got a very strange email on Tuesday from a guy I used to work with named James. I haven't spoken to James in over 2.5 years and you'll find out why.

James was one of the strangest guys I'd ever met. He was mid 40s, overweight, never married, held a myriad of bizarre jobs (some of which included moving hazardous materials). He creepily commented on the Brazillian teenage girls that lived in his apartment complex or bragged about the new Ministry or German techno CD he had to drive 45 minutes out of his way to find. He was always sweaty, loud, and could sometimes be a pain in the ass.

James emails me out of the blue (again, after not speaking for almost 3 years) on Tuesday and here are the contents:

From: James
Subject: Tara Reid

Didn't you tell me you thought she was hot at one time?


Once again, I had not spoken to this guy in forever and he wanted to ask my opinion on Tara Reid? I had to email my old coworkers to get their opinion on this comedic masterpiece.

"If I sat around for an hour trying to think up a more bizarre email, I don't think I could do it. Pure Genius!" - The Penguin

"Is he asking for your approval before he rubs one out?" - BK

"That is awesome" - CF

"Man, that Tara Reid is one nasty freak. But I better not whackoff to her because I think this guy I worked with 2 years ago has a thing for her. Maybe I should, though, she's so hot. Well, that's it. I'm settling this thing with an email right now...." - The Penguin

I asked all of my friends if I should email him back and the emphatic answer was yes. So I wrote back "I thought she is kinda trashy. Why do you ask?"

"Just happened upon a picture of her on the net, remembered when Van Wilder came out and you commented on her"

What The F*ck??!?

This guy is Danny McGrath from Billy Madison.

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