elizabeth edwards has cancer


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elizabeth edwards (heretofore referred to as "dromedary") is upset because ann coulter is mean. dromedary even went so far as to call in and admonish ann for her hateful speech. maybe dromedary should spend more time worrying about rogue cells dying and slowly killing her than feeding the fire of ann coulter's fantastic book sales. personally i thought ann's comment about the bumper sticker was hiiiii-larious. what is even more is i bet john and the dromedary did try to capitalize on the death of their son and should the dromedary kick it, i'm sure edwards would try to capitalize on her death.

after all since when did people give press conferences about having cancer? hey elizabeth, who gives a shit if you have cancer? i'll tell you who, the people who know and care about you, the rest of the country could care less. what does your cancer have to do with anything? it has nothing to do with anything. people get cancer everyday. people die from cancer everyday. why are you so important that you need your own press conference to announce your tits are going to fall off? because john is running for president? tell you what, why dont you shut the fuck up. john isn't going to get anymore votes because you are sick, having a press conference about your boobies isnt going to make them heal any quicker, why don't you act like a normal american and deal with it privately, with only those people who need to know, instead of being an attention whore.

i wish there were a disease for attention whores...

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