how opie and anthony have saved my life....


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as some of you know the ol' pony here is quite often sick. mostly due to digestive indignities and gastrointestinal obscenities. (as a side note: just because the prostitute says one size fits all, strap-on manufacturers do not guarantee smooth egress in all cases) well, starting this past January i started listening to xm radio. in mid-February i stumbled upon opie and anthony (xm radio channel 202). i now listen to them on average 10 to 15 hours a week (shut up, dialysis takes a long time, especially when done one tea spoon at a time). in doing so i laugh frequently and since laughter is the best medicine i haven't been sick since I've started listening to them, except for one time and that was when they were on a recent "break". in fact i got so sick i had to make a visit to the emergency room and this time it wasn't to try and kidnap sick children so we could play doctor in the shed.

so i just want to thank opie, anthony and lil jimmy norton for helping to improve the quality of life for one self-destructive alcohol-opiate-butter addicted miscreant. gentlemen thank you.

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