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I know the heat here in Atlanta makes people do crazy shit, but damn. Proving once again that the only thing worse here than the traffic is our athletes, wrestler/actor/anabolic steroid receptacle Chris Benoit killed his wife and kid, then offed himself. (Author's Note: If i lived in Fayetteville on the south side of the ATL, I'd consider offing myself as well.) Hey Cincinnati, we laugh at your DUI's. Chicago, we scoff at Tank Black's gun charges.

We've got Ray Lewis shooting up Buckhead. We've got Pacman Jones making it rain bullets here in the offseason. Our most famous resident, Mike Vick, running a dogfighting ring. Who can forget the famous Gold Club trial of a few years ago? Chris Benoit finishes off the Atlanta wrestling trifecta antics of Lex Luger (drugs) and recently busted Disco Inferno in a high stakes poker ring.

I don't watch wrestling, but I heard that Vince McMahon ran a 3 hour retrospective on Chris Benoit last night praising him and his time in the WWE. That's right, 3 hours of TV dedicated to a murderer. Expect Mr. McMahon to be appeaing in front of a Congressional hearing very soon. Dumbass.

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