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i like Michael Moore. i am so happy he has a new movie coming out and even more it is coming out a week early. i think one thing all Americans can agree on is our health care system is in complete shambles and the only thing to fix it is for the government to take complete control over the system to make sure everyone is covered with comprehensive health care they don't have to pay for. too many people go bankrupt trying to maintain a normal healthy life and clearly it is not fair for only rich people to have access to top notch health care. i cant wait to see the comparison with our "first world" health care system compared to Cuba's "third world" health care system. the statistics will show Cuba clearly has the superior health care system.

I'm just kidding. hey Michael, i have a diet for you, its called aids. i hope you get it and then move to Cuba where you are assaulted by Billy Clinton with Cuban cigars.

why don't people like Michael Moore get stomach cancer?

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