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ive read the satanic verses. its a good book. definitely more interesting than mein kampf, though there were some really good ideas in mein kampf. however, it is not as thorough as the satanic bible.

i cant imagine why the goat humpers are getting their turbans in a bunch. so he says the koran was mis-translated because muhammad was an illiterate douche bag. as an aside, if allah really were the sheezie, wouldn't his number one guy be at least able to read? i mean come on, we are expected to believe allah's go-to guy, his numero uno, the original terrorist couldnt even muster enough time to figure out how to write a couple of things down. that really is poor planning on the part of allah. no wonder the goat humpers are so eager to kill themselves they cant even look at a playboy and if they could they wouldnt even be able to read the articles or find out what miss october's favorite color is (pink). anyway, back on track, merely pointing out the obvious is no reason for riots or fatwahs or not showering. maybe one day if a muslim can actually contribute something worthwhile to society, other than exploding vests and a penchant for repressed bestiality, they can get knighted as well. until then though they should really concentrate on not rubbing one out to mary had a little lamb.

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