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Little Kids at the driving range. I blame this one on Tiger Woods. We've all seen the pictures of Tiger Woods on Johnny Carson when he was 3. We've heard about Earl Woods gluing golf clubs to his hands (ok, maybe I made that one up.) Now the driving range is full of soccer moms with 3 year olds. The parents are there for fucking social hour and making just as much noise as the kids, and it's really pissing me off.

I saw this 4 year old kid the other day his a ball 20 feet and then his mom ran out into the driving range to pick the thing up! I was tempted to put another dimple in that fat soccer mom ass of hers.

So please soccer moms, buy your kids some whiffle golf balls and let him hit in the back yard. Don't waste $10 a bucket on your kid cause he's pissing me off. He sucks at golf and will be a failure just like you.


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