Last night on my way up 400, between Mansell road and Haynes Bridge I hear a loud boom right above my head. I thought a rock or something had been kicked up from the road that i didn't see. Kept driving up to my exit, got off 400 and went to the gas station. I got a
funny look from the guy parked next to me. I got out of the car and had this staring me in the face.

This is the southbound end of a northbound owl.

There is a GIANT OWL with it's head stuck in the roof rack. Unlucky for the
bird - but lucky for me, it wasn't alive anymore. I calmed myself down for a second and snapped a photo cause nobody was gonna believe me if I didn't. Then I did my best to dispose of it.

Snapped another image this morning. Luckily there wasn't any damage to the truck other than some feathers stuck in the joint where the roof rack meets the car.

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